Our All-In-Service contains:

  • the RGB-LASER-Recorder 105mm x 148mm / A6 film format
  • the stand alone high performance PC
  • the A6 Auto-Retrieval-Cartridge-Film-Scanner “ARCFS”
  • optional is the onsite film processing unit, respectively outsourcing to “DataOnFilm”
  • the regular hardware-services & updates
  • a competent Hotline-Service
  • free training- and continuing education and upgrade training courses

You as our costumer will always have a NEW device which will grow continuously with ODS and its optimizations regarding output speed and resolution vers. amount of data.

Just as well we offer:

  • the world´s best films with constant quality
  • the 35mm roll-film disaster-recovery-back-up; all data can additionally be exposed onto 35mm film rolls. Afterwards they
    will be permanently stored in high security mines / bunker facilities.*


* We offer the exposures for both applications: NearArchive for internal computer centers using / A6 format / and FinalArchive for Disaster-Recovery-Back-Up / 35mm roll-film / in form of intensive miniaturized Screen Pictures and / or in a High-Resolution Color Matrix / QR-Code format.