Due to the Digital/Film based/Digital transfer technology we are able to store all kinds of computer data for 30 respectively 100 years. Our technology is safe – the data will be stored migration free and virus free. This is only possible with pure optical storage of the data onto the data carrier film. If required, the data will be retrieved in digital formats at any time.

With our technology you will no longer have or need to do:

  • Time signatures
  • Re-lettering
  • Virus checks and scans
  • Defragmentation
  • Migration
  • Emulation and disaster-management

The data backup will run system-independent and forgery-proof. You can run the data backup by yourself – onsite – or outsourcing the service to our „DataOnFilm”  partners. OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH is presently worldwide the only company which offers a full package for the film formats 105 mm x 148 mm / A6 sheet and 35 mm / roll film and also the automatic storage in computer centers in Auto-Retrieval-A6 / Film Cartridges / NearArchive. And last but not least we offer the disaster recovery backup onto 35 mm roll film, stored in tunnels or high security bunkers /  FinalArchive.