Due to the Digital/Film based/Digital transfer technology we are able to store all kinds of computer data up to 100 years. Our technology is safe – the data will be stored migration – and virus free. This is only possible with pure optical storage of the data onto the data carrier film. If required, the data will be retrieved in digital formats at any time.

The data backup will run system-independent and forgery-proof. You can run the data backup by yourself – onsite – or outsourcing the service to our „DataOnFilm”  partners. OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH is presently worldwide the only company which offers a full package for the color film formats A6 sheet and 35 mm roll film and also the automatic storage in computer centers in a Auto-Retrieval-Film-System / Near Archive / and last but not least we offer the disaster recovery backup onto 35 mm roll film, stored in tunnels or high security bunkers /  Final Archive /.

Workflow Description

The individual processes are shown graphically with the flow chart.


You have to save a lot of IT-data cost efficient and with easy access from the archive. Your IT-data has various different formats, i. a. pictures, text, meta-data and/or software code.

Saving Data on Film

Based on legal regulations you hand over the IT-data, that has to be archived for long-term data storage requirements, to our data transfer system and save the data lifetime secure on film. With a resolution of 7,500 dpi you can archive up to 3.5 Gigabyte on a single DIN-A6 film.


The storage of the data films will be done automatically in special hotels. These are part of our Auto-Retrieval-Film-System added by a robot system. This system can be integrated in your computer center and will take care for the automatically retrieval of your IT-data in the usual computer environment.

Access on archived IT-data

The retrieval of your IT-data from the DIN-A6 film will be carried out automatically by transporting the film into a high resolution scanner to read out the data on film. After the scanning of the film, our Auto-Retrieval-Film-System will transfer the now again digital IT-data to your computer center and show the data on the computer screen as usual.