Target audiences

OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS addresses itself to users who must store or archive their IT-data for a long period. Insofar, we are partner for:

  • Medical centres
  • Large concerns
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Small-sized businesses
  • National and municipal authorities
  • Private users

Currently the OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS is the sole vendor of a comprehensive solution for secure long-term IT-data storage. With our digital/film based/digital storage method we are way ahead of the traditional data backup procedures. With us the costumer will have the possibility to retrieve his data after storage without any waste.

Our USPs are the  robot matching automatic retrieval of the stored data and their re-digitalization. Furthermore there can be a Disaster-Recovery-Backup onto 35mm roll film on request. Also the service “DataOnFilm” franchise will generate an essentials advantage versus our competitors. And last but not least our special AutoRetrievalFilmSystem “ARFS” is worldwide unique.

Over the next years we will continue to expand our advantage in technology and our commercial presence, especially  through “Big Players” as well as by establishment of service departments “DataOnFilm”, which are designed for existing DMS/ECM service companies.