Our Company

The OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH was founded in March 2015 in Dresden. Based on our technology and our network OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS is the best qualified company for film-based long-term storage of any kind of IT-Data. OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH is presently the only company world-wide for fully automatic, film-based long-term IT-Data storage, that can be integrated in any computer center.


The Management

kickartz_hochJoseph A. Kickartz, our CEO, is the verifiable visionary of OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS. He studied photo engineering in Cologne/Germany and he looks back onto more than 30 years experience in the microfilm branch. Joseph has held several different leading positions such as project engineer in aerial surveying/Hansa Luftbild/Münster/Germany and head of department of the Microfilm Publishing Services / MPS from Kodak AG/Stuttgart/Germany, before he took over this services through an MBO in 1985. In 1985 he founded the HNK-Microfilm-Centrum GmbH in Kirchheim u. Teck / Germany and led this company as the managing partner until 2006.

Joseph defined the functional principle of “Drum-Inside-Exposure” for microfilms and had already predicted in 1999 the forseeable and now actual problems of digital long term storage. He initiated the project D/F/D Transfer System for long term storage of any kind of IT-Data. As CEO of OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH Joseph is responsible for Organisation, Partnering and R&D. The responsibilities will be further delegated step by step to the officers staff.


The Shareholders

Prof. Theo Tschudi, a well known physicist, headed for many years the Institute for Applied Physics, AG Light- and Particle Optic at the University of Darmstadt/Germany. Theo has recently retired.

The third shareholder, Mr. Andreas Machner is a businessman and owner of the well known Restaurant SCALA, located on the top of JenTower in Jena/Germany. Since 2012 Andreas is also the owner of the second highest 4 stars hotel in Germany – also located on top of the JenTower. As an entrepreneur and “self made man” Andreas brings important impulses from the “outside” into the OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS world.

In November 2017 two additional shareholders joined the company; Mr. Roland Kaiser and Quintus Holding GmbH, represented by Mr. Stefan Kühlbrey. Mr. Kaiser, well known in Showbiz, will support us with his knowledge in consumer market; Mr. Stefan Kühlbrey, Owner of Jung Bonbonfabrik located in Baden-Württemberg and Businessangel in the Areas Finance and Marketing.

The Network

OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH is optimally supported by very experienced experts from the areas film/photo, instrument engineering and optotechnic; sophisticated protagonists who know their metier and what needs to be done. The OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH network consists of high-tech suppliers i.e., [aerostatic bearing, LASER, IT, film and processors, High-End Electronic, Assembling].