Our Company

The OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH was founded in March 2015 in Dresden. Based on our technology and our network OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS is the best qualified company for film-based long-term storage of any kind of IT-Data. OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH is presently the only company world-wide for fully automatic, film-based long-term IT-Data storage, that can be integrated in any computer center.


The Management

kickartz_hochJoseph A. Kickartz, our CEO, is the verifiable visionary of OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS. He studied photo engineering in Cologne/Germany and he looks back onto more than 30 years experience in the microfilm branch. Joseph has held several different leading positions such as project engineer in aerial surveying/Hansa Luftbild/Münster/Germany and head of department of the Microfilm Publishing Services / MPS from Kodak AG/Stuttgart/Germany, before he took over this services through an MBO in 1985. In 1985 he founded the HNK-Microfilm-Centrum GmbH in Kirchheim u. Teck / Germany and led this company as the managing partner until 2006.

Joseph defined the functional principle of “Drum-Inside-Exposure” for microfilms and had already predicted in 1999 the forseeable and now actual problems of digital long term storage. He initiated the project D/F/D Transfer System for long term storage of any kind of IT-Data. As CEO of OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH Joseph is responsible for Organisation, Partnering and R&D. The responsibilities will be further delegated step by step to the officers staff.


The Shareholders

Roland Kaiser well known artist in Showbiz, will support us with his knowledge in consumer market.

Dipl.-Ing. Josef Kickartz is the verifiable visionary CEO of ODS and managing the sub suppliers.

Stefan Kühlbrey very experienced Business Angel and entrepreneur will
support ODS with his knowledge.

Andreas Machner owner of SCALA Restaurant GmbH, Jena His experiences and advices as self-made man and entrepreneur with an outside view are very helpful.

Birgit Nerlich physio-therapist with own surgery and a helpful network to hospital facilities.

Joachim Ostermann in ODS responsible for Project Management and Sales. He has experiences for more than 25 years in big international development projects and as managing director.

Tim Pförtner in ODS responsible for Finances. Since 2017 (after final examination of Master Finance) he is working for zeb as Management Consultant mapping out strategies.

Prof. Dr. Theo Tschudi well known physicist, headed for many years the Institute for Applied Physics, AG Light- and Particle Optic at the University of Darmstadt, by now retired. He supports from the scientific point of view and with his long experience in high-tech projects.


The Network

OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH is optimally supported by very experienced experts from the areas film/photo, instrument engineering and optotechnic; sophisticated protagonists who know their metier and what needs to be done. The OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH network consists of high-tech suppliers i.e., [aerostatic bearing, LASER, IT, film and processors, High-End Electronic, Assembling].