Data. Lifetime. Secure.

  • Ahead of our time

    Due the Digital/Film based/Digital storage method we are far ahead of the traditional procedures
  • Long-term safety

    100 years of security and protection against forgery
  • Team of Experts

    Trust and openness form an optimal basis for a good and long-lasting partnership
  • Worldwide unique!

    Infinitive solution with a long time warranty and a high degree of flexibility

We are OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS and we safe your Data. Lifetime. Secure.


StrahlenOPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS stands for worldwide competence for film-based long-term storage of any IT-data. The development, production and marketing of LASER-Recorders, scanners and the corresponding memories- and access systems for high resolution film are the mainstay of our work.

Furthermore the development and the marketing of software and services for archiving and backup of IT-data of any kind are major components of our service.

Learn more about our Digital/Film/Digital technology for long-term storage. Continued …