Data. Lifetime. Secure.

  • Ahead of our time

    Due the Digital/Film based/Digital storage method we are far ahead of the traditional procedures
  • Long-term safety

    100 years of security and protection against forgery
  • Team of Experts

    Trust and openness form an optimal basis for a good and long-lasting partnership
  • Worldwide unique!

    Infinitive solution with a long time warranty and a high degree of flexibility

Data. Lifetime. Secure.

OPTICAL-DATA-SYSTEMS GmbH offers a worldwide unique solution for long-term data storage of any IT Data on film. Our system can be integrated in your computer center and will take care for automatically retrieval of your IT-data and show the data on the computer screen as usual. Meta-data and/or software code will be saved in High-Resolution Color Matrix / QR-Code format.

Your benefits:

Cost reduction up to 50%
Enormous cost savings in the area of long-term data storage
Absolutely Data Security
Archiving up to 100 years and maximum Protection against Cyber attacks
Relief of IT personnel
No longer periodical activities in the area of data saving and emulation
Film based IT-data could be “read back” independent from third parties
Ecological Responsibility
Energy savings in your computer center respectively your IT environment
You as the officer and your data are finally on the safe side with our system.